Hi all! Today I wanted to share a bit about my everyday skincare and makeup routine! Those who know me know I am NOT a makeup person at all, it’s fun to play with now and then, but for me it’s really just about making my skin look as even as possible and keeping me from looking like a zombie when I haven’t gotten enough sleep! So don’t expect any expert makeup tips here hehe, this is just what works for me!
I will say, though, that as a dermatologist, good skincare and healthy skin is the MOST important part of any makeup routine, and I’ve shared and updated my skincare routine many times here on the blog, but I’m always tweaking things, so here is my current routine:
Wash with this cleanser
Apply this light moisturizer (also my nighttime moisturizer)
Daily SPF face lotion
Makeup (see what I use below))
Wash with same cleanser
Apply this serum (LOVE this so much and feel this has made a huge change in my breakouts and dark spots – although remember, sunscreen is critical for keeping dark spots away!)
Apply same light moisturizer once serum dry
I should be using an eye cream but I’ll be honest and say I still don’t love any one.
As far as makeup – check out my IG stories today where I’ll be sharing a video of my routine!
I apply this mineral powder foundation (I bought it because I ran out of my normal mineral makeup and this one is SO much cheaper, available at drugstores, and provides higher SPF) all over face blending well with this brush (my holy grail brush). I love that it lasts all day and provides extra sun protection, and the finish gives a glow even if I skip my bronzer step (which I do often lol)!
Then I apply this bronzer over my cheeks, bridge of my nose, and a bit on my forehead and chin as well (using this brush if I have the time, otherwise I’ll just use the same palm brush).
Then I brush my eyebrows and fill in with this pomade using this brush.
If I’m feeling fancy I’ll swipe on this mascara 😉
That’s it! Like I said, nothing crazy, but I get questions all the time about my skin so I wanted to share!
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PS: the brushes mentioned above are the Palm Brush, the Oval 6, and the Linear 1 by Artis

Hope you all have been well! Today I’m sharing a few shots of the girls on our walk home from school. As we get into September I really start to miss New England and fall, but just because we don’t have the cool temps here in Miami doesn’t mean we can’t start dressing like the temps are cooling down (and they thankfully are a bit)!
Denim is a staple any time of year, but I love darker washes for fall – and Liv loves how soft and stretchy her jeggings are! Perfect for her posing (can you believe her poses in these photos lol!? She was teaching me how to pose!)
Of course, regular leggings are always a safe bet (especially for toddlers like Elli who are always doing things in weird positions lol) and pair perfectly with a longer top like her adorable peplum top. This fall is all about shape when it comes to tops, so El is on trend with her peplum, as is Liv with her bell sleeves that have made a huge come back!
This day I still wore sandals (like we can do year-round here in Miami lol) but the girls already have their booties and LOVE them! Now mommy needs a pair!!
What are your favorite fall trends? Stay tuned for more looks for the whole family – thanks to Old Navy which really is a one-stop-shop for all things fashion (and you know important to me – so many good deals)!!
This post was in partnership with Old Navy. Thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Hi all! Doing a huge Instagram Round Up today with links for everything that you’ve seen on my feed recently! Hope you all are having an incredible weekend!
Blouse, wearing size XS  //  Watch  //  Gold Bracelet  // Leather Bracelet
Dress (which is technically a nightgown), wearing size XS  //  Sandals  //  Stroller  //  Car seat 
Dress  //  Hat  //  Girls’ sandals  //  Car seat

Dress, wearing size XS  //  Sandals (SO comfortable and so cheap!)  //  Stroller
Shirt  //  Jeans  //  Sandals  //  Handbag  //  Cloud Island Nursery goodies


Top (similar light version and dark version)  //  Shorts, wearing size 0  //  Sandals  //  Handbag (similar here)  //  Watch  //  Phone case (less than $ 10!)


Bikini top  //  Bikini bottom  //  Sunglasses
Blue dress, wearing a size XS (also available in other colors as well! Such a steal!)  //  Sandals

Earrings (nearly identical for less than $ 15, these are another gorgeous pair) //  Lashes

Pants, wearing size 0  //  Top, wearing size XS  //  Flats

Kids Chair  //  Bookshelf  //  Girls’ round table (not pictured but you guys always ask about it! Also available in white, navy and pink)

Hi all! Today I’m so excited to be sharing a quick post in collaboration with Samsung to highlight their incredible new TV – The Frame! 
I remember being at a conference not too long ago and barely noticing the television monitor in the hotel lobby – it was displaying artwork, but then switched to display the conference schedule, and then again switch to start playing video. I remember thinking to myself – how cool would that be in your house!?! Let’s face it – most TV’s are an eyesore and when it’s not in use, you’re left with a large black rectangle to stare at. While I’m happy to take on the challenge of designing around a TV set up on a nice (stand?), I was so excited when Samsung reached out to me with this incredible design! What makes it so amazing? Well thanks to it’s customizable options, it can fit in with anyone’s design style! I never thought I’d use “pretty” and “TV” in the same sentence, but this is one pretty TV!
We currently have The Frame set up in our guest bedroom, and love how it blends in effortlessly with the decor. We have it angled down to make watching TV a little easier, but it has a no-gap wall mount which let’s it be hang nearly flush with the wall and really blend in with artwork even more! I also really love that when not in use as a TV you can switch to Art Mode to display art (with an incredible free selection of 100 pieces of artwork) and an awesome selection of matte frames. It seriously looks like a framed piece of art!
On top of that, you can upload your own images from your phone using their simple to use app – I love seeing my girls up on the big screen!
And of course – for watching TV or movies (what it’s actually for) it has an incredibly crisp 4K UHD display and was so easy to set up! It has an Invisible Connection transparent cable which means it makes the typical mess of tangled cables a thing of the past. We have it connected to our wifi and use our Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu subscriptions without an issue! I don’t know about your house, but over here Moana is still on replay weekly!!
We’re so happy to have this new addition in our home and can’t wait to style it properly in our new family room/playroom/guest bedroom (yah, we’re moving this week! Crazy)! It really is the perfect TV especially for a multi-purpose room. Will certainly share when we have that set up – stay tuned!!
So how about you? How would The Frame fit in with your décor?
This post was sponsored by Samsung, but as always all opinions are my own!

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Happy Monday all!! Today I’m linking up some of the looks you’ve seen over on my Instagram feed or my Instagram stories (for those who have asked about my snapchat, I almost never use it anymore and almost exclusively now post all of our behind-the-scenes/day-to-day stuff on Instagram stories)! 
These last two weeks have been a bit crazy with work, an amazing conference I went to in NYC, more work and side projects,  an incredible The Weeknd concert I went to with one of my dermatology attendings, and thankfully wrapped up with a relaxing Mother’s Day!
Many of you asked about this necklace I posted wearing in clinic on my Instagram stories. Believe it or not I snagged it for just about $ 10!! I honestly wasn’t too sure about what quality it would be at such an insanely cheap price, but I’ve already worn it about a dozen or so times (and even Liv and Elli have worn it since they love dressing up with my stuff) and it’s still going strong! I love that it can dress up any outfit (seriously – I got away with looking dressed up this day even though I was wearing my comfiest tee shirt)! 
pink shirt  //  pants  //  necklace (on sale for $ 10 right now!!)  //  white coat  //  shoes  //  glasses  //  bracelet
Here’s a selfie of me and two other dermies – and @drgoodfood! I had a blast meeting them in New York City and learning about issues relevant to skin of color!
wrap “coat”/cardigan  //  grey knot top (love this short sleeved option too!) //  pants  //  shoes
His and hers drinks – N has a cold brew with coconut milk and I’ve got a pink drink (a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk)! Yum! 
bracelet  //  shoes  //  jean shorts  //  button down top (just ordered 2 more of these because they’re my FAVORITE – SO soft, perfect to dress up at work or down like I did here, AND they’re on clearance for $ 10)
Me and my girls (and daddy behind the camera)! Heading to the park! 
nursing friendly top (makes nursing while baby wearing so easy, same for pumping at work) //  baby wrap  //  shorts  //  shoes (in the plover grey color)  //  tricycle 
Stay tuned this week as I’ll be doing some much-requested skin-care posts – including one on skin care for little ones, the best suncreens, and my daily skin routine! Xoxo!