Happy Memorial Day weekend all! Today I wanted to talk a bit about one of THE most important parts in your daily skin care – SUNSCREEN! And while most of us are good about putting on sunscreen before a day at the beach – it’s important to remember that we should be wearing sunscreen everyday – not only for preventing skin cancers, but also premature aging. 
Check out the truck driver above- can you tell which side of his face got almost all of the sun and which was more protected from UV rays? It’s not subtle! And especially if you’re someone who suffers from dark spots (ie postinflammatory hyperpigmentation) or melasma – even a few minutes of sun exposure can keep those spots dark! So I tell all my patients, all my family, all my friends (that includes you) to wear sunscreen daily!
Here are a few favorites:
You knew this was coming – this has been my favorite daily sunscreen for years.
Most of my dermies love this one! The Cerave one above and the Avene one I mention below have also been fantastic for acne-prone skin – speaking from years of personal experience! I break out so easily whenever I try something new, but these 3 have been fantastic.
Sensitive skin:
Blue Lizard
Sheer coverage:
Just a tiny bit of color to even out skin and awesome protection!
Medium-full coverage:
Avene Complexion Correcting (love that it comes in more than just one shade – light, medium, and dark)
*This is pretty much the product I’ve been looking for forever and have been SO in love with it since trying it almost a month ago. Now instead of applying my Cerave and then applying my mineral makeup on top, now I just apply this on damp skin. It is thick but you can easily apply with a tiny bit of water to spread more easily. I love that it provides great coverage and a nice dewy finish. More importantly it’s got titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides (which help also block visible light – another contributor to dark spots).
La Roche Posay
Blue Lizard
Blue Lizard is my favorite natural line – I linked two of my favorites above!
For reapplying: 
*We know that we should be reapplying every 2 hours or so but that is so unrealistic. What I do like doing is applying something right before my commute home (the setting sun is glaring in my face all drive home) – and a brush-on sunscreen powder is PERFECT for just this!
Brush On Block
This is another cheaper option!

A few other tips?
I personally prefer physical blockers (ingredients like zinc oxide) to chemical blockers, but both are great for their own reasons! Not everyone likes the white/grey cast the physical blockers can give off, but when paired with a tinted formulation, I’ve never found it to be a problem! If you are using one that has primarily chemical blockers, make sure to apply at least 15 minutes before heading out into the sun! So no putting on the sunscreen when you’re already at the beach, do it before you get in the car on the way there!
Also, for those who are “allergic” to sunscreen (it is a thing) – it’s almost always because of one of these 2 ingredients – oxybenzone and PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid). If you’ve had a reaction to sunscreen in the past, don’t think it means you’re allergic to all sunscreens – just check the labels for one of these ingredients and stay away from them! Physical blockers (zinc oxide and titanium doxide) are usually a safe bet!
And remember that babies 6 months or younger shouldn’t really wear sunscreen. Keep them out of direct sunlight and under the shade (we recently got a Cool Cabana for beach trips and we love it)! If they must wear it, make sure to try a small area first (apply once in the same spot for 2 days in a row) to make sure they don’t have any reaction to it (a safe idea to do with anyone really) and stick with physical blockers.
And finally – don’t forget to apply to areas like your ears (I’ve cut off way too many skin cancers from ears)! And lips (actinic cheilitis is not cute)! Not everyone wants to put sunscreen on your lips, but now there are tons of products with spf inside (I love this lip gloss and lip balm).
And for those who struggle with dark spots, I love this Concealer that not only helps camouflage those spots, but most importantly provides even more sun protection to help those marks fade.
PS – Comment over on Instagram (under the photo I used in this post) to enter a little sunscreen giveaway!
PS – I linked up many of these options using Amazon since they just have pretty much everything, but Dermstore is another online shop I love using! For things that I KNOW I buy every month or two, I buy through them because they have such a great subscribe and save option for a lot of their products! They’re having an awesome Memorial Day Sale and everything on the site is 20% off
Use code MDSALE20

Shop some of the Dermstore links below:
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Barcelona To Face Chapecoense


Brazil’s Chapecoense, devastated by a plane crash last year, will play Barcelona at the Nou Camp in a pre-season friendly on August 7.

The match will “help pay tribute to the 71 people who died in the accident on November 28th, 2016, as well as their families,” Barcelona said on their website.

Nineteen Chapecoense players and 24 club officials were among those who died when the team’s plane crashed into a mountainside in Colombia.

Chapecoense could face Lionel Messi (pictured), Neymar and Luis Suarez when the teams meet.

Everton Agree Onyekuru Deal


Everton have agreed a deal to sign Henry Onyekuru from Belgian club KAS Eurpen.

The Nigerian striker was joint-top scorer in the Belgian top division last season, and his advisers also held talks with Arsenal and West Ham this summer.

Onyekeru, who has a £6.8m release clause in his contract, will spend next season on loan at Anderlecht as he does not yet qualify for a United Kingdom work permit.

Usain Bolt Says ‘Mind Not Made Up’ Over Retirement Date

Usain Bolt-BolaEshosBlog

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt says he may carry on running after the 2017 World Championships – but this will definitely be his final season.
The 30-year-old Jamaican had previously said he would run his final race at the London Stadium in August.

Speaking on Monday, Bolt revealed he had spoken to coach Glen Mills about whether to end his final “emotional” season after competing in London.

“We haven’t fully made up our mind on what we’re doing yet,” he said.

Andy Murray Top Seed Ahead Of Djokovic, Federer & Nadal


Britain’s defending champion Andy Murray has been named top seed as the ‘big four’ in men’s tennis head the rankings for Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic is second, Roger Federer third and Rafael Nadal fourth seed.

It is the first time since Wimbledon 2014 that the four players have been named top seeds for a Grand Slam and keeps them apart until the semi-finals.

German Angelique Kerber is the top women’s seed with Britain’s Johanna Konta sixth.

The draw will be held today for the tournament, which starts on Monday, 3 July.

CIREBON – Kendaraan arus balik Lebaran di gerbang tol (GT) Palimanan pada H+3 terpantau terus mengalami kepadatan, Rabu (28/6). Lonjakan kepadatan kendaraan yang melintas tol Cipali hingga dua kali lipat lebih.

Berdasarkan keterangan Wakil Presiden Direktur PT Lintas Marga Sedaya (LMS), Firdaus Azis, kepadatan kedaraan dari arah Jawa menuju Jakarta di GT Palimanan terhitung dari pukul 06.00 WIB hingga pukul 14.00 WIB.

“Lonjakan ini tercatat oleh kami mencapai 79 persen atau menjadi 15.501 unit kendaraan. Bila dibandingkan pada Selasa siang kemarin yang hanya 8.647 unit,” sebut Firdaus.

Meningkatnya kepadatan arus balik ini, berbeda dari arah Jakarta menuju ke Jawa yang terus menurun. Terbukti, pada H+3 Lebaran, jumlah kendaraan yang keluar di GT Palimanan sebanyak 11.152 unit kendaraan atau turun 17% dari Selasa siang yang sebesar 13.481 unit kendaraan.

“Meski dari arah Jalarta menuju Jawa ini turun, namun volume kendaraan yang keluar dan masuk Gerbang Tol Cipali meningkat 20 persen, menjadi 26.653 unit dari 22.128 unit pada hari kemarin,” sebutnya lagi.

“Volume kendaraan pada Rabu siang pun tergolong lebih tinggi dua kali lipat dari normal di siang hari yang biasanya 10.000 unit kendaraan,” imbuhnya. (cecep)

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BULAN Ramadan menjadi ajang Walikota Nasrudin Azis berupaya menggenjot Visi RAMAH di Kota Cirebon. Berbagai kegiatan untuk mencapai RAMAH digelar mulai dari tarawih dan silaturahmi dari masjid ke masjid di Kota Cirebon.

Walikota memimpin langsung tarhim didampingi Sekretaris Daerah Drs Asep Dedi MSi. Pejabat eselon II hingga direksi BUMD juga rutin hadir. Pemkot juga membeirkan bantuan kepada masjid tersebut termasuk CSR bank bjb kepada pengurus DKM.

Tidak hanya itu, sebagai upaya mengantipasi kerawanan pangan, walikota menyerahkan bantuan beras kepada warga. Selain itu diserahkan ikan beku melalui dinas pangan kelautan perikanan dan pertanian yang dibantu langsung dari Balai Karantina Ikan dan Pengendalian Mutu Kementerian Perikanan dan Kelautan.

Walikota juga menyerahkan sembako murah kepada warga Kota Cirebon melalui program yang digulirkan oleh Gubernur Jawa Barat Ahmad Heryawan melalui Disperindag Provinsi Jabar.

Dalam rangka membantu kelancaran arus mudik, walikota melakukan monitoring posko mudik dengan didampingi jajaran forum komunikasi pimpinan daerah, mulai Danrem 063 Sunan Gunung Jati, Dandim 0614, Danlanal, Dandenpom, Kapolres Ciko, Dispolair, Satpol PP dan Dinas Perhubungan. Bahkan walikota berbagi kebahagiaan dengan petugas posko mudik dengan menyerahkan parsel lebaran. (abd)

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KUNINGAN – Menjelang Hari Raya Idul Fitri menjadi berkah tersendiri bagi sebagian besar warga Desa Karangmangu, Kecamatan Jalaksana, dengan bekerja sampingan membuat kulit ketupat.

Hampir di semua rumah warga di Desa Karangmangu mengisi waktu luang mereka dengan menganyam daun kelapa menjadi bungkus ketupat. Tangan-tangan cekatan warga desa ini sudah tak diragukan lagi. Hanya dalam hitungan detik, satu bungkus ketupat bisa tercipta.

“Sudah jadi kebiasaan rutin setiap menjelang Lebaran, warga di sini membuatkan cangkang ketupat untuk dijual ke pasar. Lumayan untuk tambah-tambah uang dapur,” ungkap Onah salah satu warga Karangmangu pembuat urung kupat sebutan warga setempat untuk kulit ketupat, Kamis (22/6).

Kulit-kulit ketupat yang telah jadi tersebut, kata Uun, kemudian diserahkan kepada bandar besar. Warga akan mendapat upah sebesar Rp 200 untuk setiap 10 cangkang ketupat.

Dikatakan Onah, ada sekitar tujuh bos ketupat di Desa Karangmangu yang khusus menjelang Lebaran ini mendapat pesanan ketupat meningkat hingga tujuh kali lipat dari hari biasanya. Oleh karena itu, para pengusaha ketupat tersebut merekrut warga sekitar untuk dipekerjakan membuat kulit ketupat untuk memenuhi pesanan.

“Daun kelapa dikirim oleh pengusaha ketupat. Kemudian oleh warga dianyam jadi cangkang ketupat dengan upah Rp 2.000 per 10 ikat isi 100 cangkang,” kata Onah.

Meski upahnya tergolong sangat murah, namun warga tidak mempermasalahkannya. Bahkan warga menganggap pekerjaan tersebut sebagai selingan mengisi waktu luang yang menghasilkan uang untuk tambah-tambah membeli kebutuhan Lebaran nanti.

“Sehari-hari kami bekerja membuat batako. Namun menjelang Lebaran ini kami libur, sehingga pekerjaan membuat kulit ketupat ini menjadi kesibukan tambahan kami di kala santai,” kata Onah. (taufik)



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Ondo State Logo-BolaEshosBlog

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State who was kidnapped, last Thursday, Mr Olumide Odimayo, was found dead in a riverine community in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of the state.

The late Odimayo who was kidnapped by unknown gunmen last week while returning from a trip was until his death a prominent leader of the APC in his Ese-Odo Local Government Area and the state at large.

Findings by Daily Sun revealed that the corpse of Mr. Odimayo was found near Ogolo River, between Sabomi and Igbotu communities in Ese Odo Local Government Area of the state.

The Publicity Secretary of the APC in the state, Prince Abayomi Adesanya who confirmed the death of Odimayo to Daily Sun said the incident had been reported to the Police and it is currently under investigation.

Adesanya informed that the corpse of the late politician was found by local vigilantes, adding that the incident has thrown the party into mourning.

He said the late politician contributed significantly to the success of the APC in the last gubernatorial election, saying that “he supported the party with all he had when he returned from the United Kingdom. We will surely miss this great man.”

It was gathered that the late Odimayo arrived from London not too long ago before he was kidnapped.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) for the state police command, Mr Femi Joseph who confirmed the incident, said eight suspects have already been arrested by the Police in connection with the incident.

The PPRO who informed that the police had arrested the suspected kidnappers of the deceased politician before his death, explained that the efforts of the Police and some youths in the area led to the arrest of the suspects.

He stated further that “the leader of the kidnap gang confessed to the Police that Odimayo was in their custody. We discovered that the other kidnappers decided to throw him in the river when they knew that they were no longer save with their dastard work.”

“We felt so bad with the unfortunate incident and we are worried with the death of the politician after a successful operation. I can assure you that the suspects will face the full wrath of the law and others in the abduction and subsequent killing of Odimayo will not go unpunished,”the PPRO stated.

CIREBON – Arus mudik Lebaran di wilayah Kabupaten Cirebon masih terpantau lancar, Senin (19/6). Lalu lintas kendaraan di Kabupaten Cirebon berkurang bila dibandingkan dengan dua hari ke belakang.

Kapolres Cirebon AKBP Risto Samodra mengatakan, arus mudik saat ini sangat lancar dan renggang. Terutama di sepanjang jalan pantura Kabupaten Cirebon yang terpantau di setiap pos polisi.

“Saat ini sangat lancar dan renggang bila dibandingkan dua hari yang lalu. Dua hari yang lalu didominasi kendaraan berat,” kata Risto

Risto memrediksi, puncak arus mudik di Kabupaten Cirebon saat H-3 Hari Raya Idul Fitri. “Diprediksikan arus mudik di Kabupaten Cirebon ini mulai ramai saat Jumat, 23 Juni, sekitar habis Magrib. Karena para pemudik berangkat siang dari jakarta,” ungkapnya.

Untuk menghadapi kepadatan arus mudik, Risto juga sudah melakukan beberapa rencana untuk antisipasinya. “Bilamana di jalur tol itu padat, nanti kita keluarkan di alteri dalam kota. Nanti keluar Kota Cirebon, Kabupaten Cirebon dan Brebes,” kata Risto.

Risto juga mengimbau para pemudik agar jaga kesehatan dan keselamatan. Jika sudah lelah, maka dipersilakan berhenti di rest area yang sudah disediakan. (cecep)

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JAKARTA – Raline Shah akan merayakan Lebaran Idul Firi di New York. Raline bahkan sudah membidik masjid mana yang akan didatangi untuk melaksanakan Salat Ied.

“Ini kali pertama saya berlebaran di New York. Kebetulan ada saudara yang mau nikah, makanya saya dan keluarga‎ ke sana, sekalian Idul Fitrian,” kata Raline.

Rencananya, Raline dan keluarganya akan berada di ‎New York selama dua pekan. Segala persiapan pun sudah dilakukan.

“Kebetulan saudara saya banyak di New York, jadi bisa merayakan Lebaran bersama. Seru pasti ya, apalagi ini pertama kalinya kami berlebaran di luar negeri,” bebernya.

Selain berlebaran, Raline menjadikan momen ini sebagai liburan.

Maklum, jadwal Raline ‎sangat padat sehingga dia butuh liburan agar lebih fresh.(esy/jpnn)

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CIREBON – Selain fokus terhadap masalah kesediaan pangan di bulan Ramadan, Dinas Pangan Pertanian Kelautan dan Perikanan (DP2KP) Kota Cirebon juga tidak ingin lengah soal jajanan anak. Pasalnya, tidak sedikit jajanan anak yang minim gizi, bahkan mengandung zat berbahaya.

Demikian itu disampaikan Kepala DP2KP Kota Cirebon, Maharani Dewi. Saat ini DP2KP akan melakukan antisipasi terhadap jajanan anak.

Mengingat, jajanan anak kemasan dalam bentuk menarik dan warna yang mencolok dengan harga murah meriah banyak diburu anak-anak. Namun, tidak semua jajanan anak yang beredar memenuhi standar gizi yang baik.

Karena, pernah mendapati jajanan anak mengandung zat yang bukan peruntukannya. Sehingga dilakukan peningkatan pengawasan.

“Kami juga telah melakukan uji sampel pada sejumlah jajanan anak. Dan kami temukan zat berbahaya. Karena ketidaktahuan penjual, kami beritahu agar menyetop dan mengganti dengan bahan yang aman,” kata Maharani.

Lebih lanjut Maharani mengatakan, pedagang yang kedapatan menjajakkan jajanan anak berbahaya akan dikenakan teguran. Kemudian, pedagang tersebut juga akan dibina agar lebih memilih menggunakan bahan sehat dan aman.

“Yang jelas pasti kita tegur. Kemudian, kita juga mengimbau kepada mereka agar memakai bahan yang sehat jangan pakai pewarna,” tutup Maharani. (fazri)

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